Aqua Dry Plus Fire Restoration

Posted by - August 28, 2014

Some people may think that a fire will only damage material things, but a fire can cause problems with the quality of the air in the building that the fire took place. Damage from smoke and soot can leave toxic particles in the air, which can cause the air in the building to be dangerous to breath in.

Smoke and soot can also cause damage to the wiring, drywall, and the metal frame of the house. Smoke and soot are not the only problems that can result from a fire. When there is a fire in a building there is an odor that cannot be eliminated by simply shampooing the carpet. This is where professionals like Aqua Dry Plus can assist and help you mitigate fire damage in your home or business.

Odors are caused by bacteria, and when there is a fire the heat causes odors to settle in the fabric. When the odor is in the fabric it is not possible to make the odor go away by using retail cleaning supplies. Aqua Dry Plus takes the steps to make sure that your home or place of business is free of smoke, soot and bad odors. Aqua Dry Plus will make the air in your home or place of business safe to breath again. Then technicians at Aqua Dry Plus use vacuums and other specialized equipment to return your home or place of business to the condition it was in before the fire occurred. The technicians at the company use Ozone Treatment, HEPA air cleaning techniques, and other methods to return your home or place of business to its original condition. Contact Aqua Dry Plus today to begin the restoration to your home or place of business.


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